What happened in school today?

Answer it with Knit.

A communication app for teachers and parents.


Crafted for classroom communication


Teachers are all busy and they don’t have sufficient time to reply back to queries of all parents and that is with Knit only teachers can send broadcast messages and parents can not reply.


In this fast moving world both parents and teachers are very busy so we have kept our design very simple, easy to use and to-the-point.


Every classroom a teacher creates can only be joined by the parents who have a unique code. Personal details are shared neither with parents nor with teachers.

Attach photos

A photo can say thousand words and Knit enables a teacher to attach photos with text. So either its a group activity photo or maybe even a timetable, just click and send to all the parents.

SMS integration

Parents who don’t prefer smartphone can subscribe via SMS and all reminders sent by teachers will be delivered as SMSs.


To make it even more accessible we have kept Knit free of cost. Now just create a classroom and send infinite free broadcast messages directly to parents.

Knit Made to connect

Knit offers teachers a free and simple way to text parents. Keeping safety into mind we made messaging one-way and kept phone numbers private. Now every teacher can use it to send out reminders,homework, group pics and what not. Just create your classroom and invite parents. Happy connecting.